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PRS Paul Reed Smith Archon Twenty-Five

PRS Paul Reed Smith Archon Twenty-Five 

From the largest stage to the practice room, PRS Archon amps are versatile and commanding tools for musicians who want a flexible, modern amp. The Archon 25 maintains the Archon’s two channel platform, providing aggressive high-gain tones and sparkling cleans in a low wattage tube combo that is perfect for the stage, the studio, or at home.

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    25W (with 1/2 Power Switch to 13W) | 5881 Power Tubes | "Grab and Go" Lightweight Combo

If you don’t think of amps when you hear the name PRS, that’s OK. While the company is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, it has spent the majority of those years focused squarely on making some of the best guitars money can buy. However, when renowned amp designer Doug Sewell joined the PRS team a few years ago, that all changed. Doug has a reputation for building outstanding amps and with him on board, PRS began making amps that are equal to its guitars.

I recently had the chance to spend a few weeks with one of their newest offerings: The Archon Twenty-Five. The Archon line is comprised of a 100-watt head, 50-watt head, 50 W 1X12 and 25 W 1X12 with each configuration capable of switching to run at half power. The Archon amps are modern high gain amps, but they aren’t strictly for the high gain or metal crowd. I’m typically a player of low- to mid-gain, single-channel, non-master volume amps, but I found plenty to love in the Archon.

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